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[10 Oct 2004|02:51pm]
Ok so i didnt do another update about the avril gig but heck heres some pics for ya.

Sorry for the shit qualityCollapse )

These pics come with a warningCollapse )

I love you MattCollapse )

Yep thats it. Thats my long ass update haha. Nah Id say more but I have no idea what to say except.....

Goin to see my baby in 3 weeks!! :D

[05 Oct 2004|11:20am]
Avril was perfect, Matt was even more perfect, Devin was amazing, Chaz was soooo HOTT and I was dissapointed in craig but hey he caught a plectrum in his mouth so hes not that bad. Simple plan were definatly PERFECT!!!! MY GOD PIERRE <3 Overall it was a perfect night.

I'll update properly later

[18 Sep 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | content ]

God I just wrote a huge update and as I copied it, lj froze. -glares-

On monday I started my new job and OMG its PISS EASY! I mean seriously, all I have to do for the first 6 weeks is sit there and listen to tapes, occasionally ticking a box to say Ive read and understood woo :D and Im workin tomorow and i get like loadsa money for workin on sundays so I think Ill be doing as many as possible!

I stayed at amys lastnight and it was cool. She has a kitten now from the same litter as my 2 and hers is called oscar. Oh my god he has the saddest face, everytime I look at him it makes me want to cry because of how sad his face looks :( so yeah we put on pirates of the caribean and I feel asleep after 5 minutes cus I was sooooo tired lmao. Oh yeah, I have two kittens now, not just the one! We now have a 6 week old tommy called squirt :D I named him!

So work is ok. I saw charlie the other day, I think amy is going to ask charlie if she wants to stay with her till she gets her own place sorted. I think it might help straighten charlie up a bit too. I think mush has dissapered off the face of the earth lmao. Im going to see mase tomorow after work. I havnt seen him for a while but I need to start going out again so I have to get intouch with everyone I havent spoken to for a while. And sianus is in ibiza :( anddddd kirst isnt coming to avril anymore so its just me and sianus. It will still be good though I think.

Briege fell down the stairs at school and fractured her ankle so I hope it gets better soon babe :-*


[13 Sep 2004|11:13pm]
I didn't exactly love Evan, But this has just pissed me off so much

Ultimate-Guitar: What are the reasons behind your decision to leave? Yes, we know that the main reason is to make your own project (with your own music), but probably there are more of them? Probably relationships issue with the rest of the band members, or unsatisfaction with the direction the band is going?

Evan Taubenfeld: You've gotta be happy and you've gotta follow your dreams. With Avril, I wasn't doing what I loved. I wasn't fronting a band and singing my own music. I just couldn't do it anymore. The last three years were amazing and though I wasn't ever 100% happy I was learning and getting everything ready. The time had finally come to move on. I'd rather play my music for 10 people than play Avril's in front of 10,000 people. She's great and this decision has nothing to do with anyone personally, I get along with her and the band and consider them all family. I wish them all the best in the future.

What hes realised is that hes used Avril long enough and he knows that most of Avrils fans will support him in what he does. Hes just done exactly the same as london did. Rode on the back of Avrils fame.

Well fuck you, I was going to support you but that one part has just made me want to spit on you

[28 Aug 2004|07:22am]
[ mood | awake ]


I was up until 3am and now im awake at 7am and ive been awake since half 6!!

I went to town with Kirst yesterday so she could get her lip pierced. I wasnt acutally expecting her to go through with it straight away, i thought she might bottle it at first. But she shocked me and she did it first time, Although i dont know how the guy managed to do it, she was dribbling sooo much!! Very attractive ;)

Then I came home and I was sitting upstairs, and I heard sian scream, So I ran downstairs and Amy was there. She ran up to me and gave me like the hugeeeeeeest hug EVER! I could feel her head moving on my shoulder and she was crying :( she was like sobbing, so that set me off and I started crying so we both turned into a huge ball of emotions, lol. Hey, I havnt seen her for a month :( Ermm Gemma came round to meet Amy like 3 hours later and they left. End of my day!

Ohh i almost forgot to mention...MOMMY GOT US A KITTEN :D She is the cutest, most adorable little thing!! Sian named her misty. I dont like that name, but were getting a boy in a few days and I get to pick the name. I think im going to call him squirt haha :D


Wow an entry :D [16 Aug 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I havnt updated my journal in ages :| But not much has been going on really so therefore there has been nothing to update about hehe.

Well i stopped at kirstys a few days ago and it was fun :D we had curry and kirst drank loads n loads of coke so she was rly hyper and awake and we was awake till like 4 am :| :| just talkin aboot stuff. We had to be up at 10 am and we were so dead lmfao. It was cool tho :) Then we went into toon and met sarah and shes cool, or kirst might even say... KWEL! :D Shes a bit quiet tho :-/

Erm I went to a family part a couple of weeks back too that was quite cool, my brother was there wich was cool because i havnt seen him for ages and he was so drunk lmfao. Im goin to see NFG in *counts* 8 days i think...i duno lol im goin with kirst and her friend from her journal so that should be a good night :) Thats aboot all thats been going on in my life atm. I stil havnt got a job and its doing my head in so much cus now i have no phone and if i dont hurry up and get a job i wont have no internet either so i REALLY REALLY REALLY need a job.

I think my mom is going to get back with billy cus he stayed here lastnight :( i hope he doesnt mess her aroond again because it really upsets her but its her own fault cus she keeps letting him do this to her. I was in the pub lastnight and it was kareoke night :D lmfao they were just killing all the old classics that i love :( but i was on the fone to Briege half the night so its ok cus she kept me company lol And paul was really flirting with me really badly but i was a good girl i didnt flirt back because IM NOT INTERESTED! :D yay go me. Ermm thats about all.

Avie in 49 days...Not that im counting hehe ;)


Erm..... [09 Aug 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Yeh so kirsty has been buggin me to update for the past god knows how many hours so now im finaly doin it. Ive got about 10 blisters on my big toe :( and there is moth guts on my screen but other then that im ok i suppose. Just been havin a good chat with rach, keepin me laughin as always lol now im just sittin here fightin away all the flies n moths n stuf that keep landin on my screen lol i went to a part on saturday night which was quite grovey and today i went to see kosk :D which was fun as always :D so now im fighting a moth again and considdering goin to bed!


[08 Aug 2004|07:43pm]
http://dariask8er.altervista.org/slipped_away.wmv a fan made that :O right click "save target as" to watch it ;)

quiz type thingy [07 Aug 2004|11:44am]
Fill it oooot babys!Collapse )

[02 Aug 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Kirsty bullied me into updating :( JUST CUS THERES A MOTH ATTACKING U! Beat it with ur huge hand :P

I had such a super duper day :D kirst came roooooond and we sunbathed :D and we made a new friend called waspy :D who decided to take a swim in kirstys tango :| lmfao. so then waspy was dead :( *cries*.....

He was a good wasp....a loyal friend to my feet, even tho he had a few tangos sometimes that sent him a bit loopy he was a good kid. :|

So yeh :| we sunbathedddd andd then when to kirstys and had some yummy chicken...whas it called again? :s *cant remember* but it was yummyyyy. then we went upstairs and watched tv. ohhh we watched spongebob and it rooooooold! it just made me smile all the way through :D And briege foned meeeeeee :D but only for 2mins cus it was rainin and she was gettin drenched muhahaha. So nowwww im updatin. I think i might go to bed :|


[28 Jul 2004|05:48pm]

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Jobless [27 Jul 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Today was FUN! Well okay it wasnt fun but hey i left my job :D it was so funny, it all propper kicked off, me amy n gemma and my supervisors. Lmao it was just a load of swearin :| anddd my supervisor raised her fist to me lmao. They asked us for our work shirts so we stood there, took off our shirts and we only had our bras on pmsl and handed in our uniforms :D So we left work n went straight to the job centre where there was ANOTHER fight kickin off, this dude didnt want someone to help him do somethin so he kicked up a fuss over it and the police were callled in :S Then i got in and amy and gemma were like.... stef come to magalauf with us tomorow, so i decided to go and my mom sed i cant go :( i was like so gutted i cried. But hopefully im goin over in like 2 weeks anyway!

So tomorow ive gotta get up at 9 go to the bank with amy n gemma, put some money into my bank, come home, book there flight, fone up about 10 million jobs, hope someone gives me an interview cus i need a job ASAP then im goin to see them off at the airport at 7. Im so gona cry :( Im gona miss amy so much, but shell be back in 4 weeks and plus i might be goin over there in 2 weeks sooo....

I went for my meal on sunday n it was so cool! were gona do it regularly when amy n gem get back from majorca. Danielle is pregnant and we were sayin shes gona give birth to a seahorse lmfao. Sayin shes gota feed it fish food n stuf it was hilarious. Then they give us a round spoon!! I HATE eating off round spoons cus they just feel awkward in ur mouth! and no most spoons arnt round there egg shaped. Scotts sister leanne was just laughin so much when i said i hate round spoons, she went " u had to put so much thought into not liking round spoons" u had to be there it was comical! Then we wanted to go in the wacky warehouse but we were all too tall! i was too tall by like 3 inches!!!! they suck!

Ive got a huge bruise on my knee...duno how i got it! Briege shuda been back from her camping trip today but shes not...hmm...


:( [25 Jul 2004|10:32pm]
Dixie chicks - you were mineCollapse )

Pointless update [25 Jul 2004|02:14pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I have no idea why im updatin cus i got nothin to say. My moms havin a spring clean n i just tidied the living room and the kitchen n dusted n vaccumed (sp?) and now im nackered so im havin a chill for 5 mins! Ive lost a spike off my earing :(

Im goin for a pub meal with Amy n some other dudes later but im suposed to be goin the pub aswell cus pauls gona think im avoidin him cus i aint seen him for almost 2 weeks and i broke it off with him last week soooo.... :-/ i think i best go n see him soon lol

Went to the academy with Dee on friday n it was so much fun chick, it was all just for fun and i really had fun! Im so proud that she got in :D they didnt even look we both just walked straight in wooohoo! My moms just put on her madona cd THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION! :D i love that cd! its sooo good. when i was a lil girl like....from between the age of 6 to like 10 i loved madona i had all her records n everythin hehe *goes red* Umm on friday night before we went out we went to see kerri. I miss her so much :( her mum died last year and her bfs mom died like 2 months later, she was showin me all the cards that were on the flowers at her moms funeral and she showed me a letter that her mom wrote to her when she was dyin, like when she only had a few days to live :( it was so sad. Dee actually cried :(

I miss Briege she better get her ass back home :( We have been talkin on the fone n stuff since she got back from florida n its so cool hehe :) I just ordered my new fone yesterday that should be here in 2-5 working days :)

Have you ever noticed when u say youve got nothing to say u always end up writtin loads? lol


Lyric time [23 Jul 2004|12:37am]
All 4 One- Before you, Without you, After youCollapse )

Im in a sloppy love songs mood and that song just came on. I just think its realy cute :)

Titleless :| [22 Jul 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Im gona update my journal but i have no idea what to write so its just gona be full of shit :D

I stopped at Dees like 2 nights ago and we has such fun, i mean it was just for fun thats why we did it cus it was for fun and it was just so much fun chicken! Pmsl MELON!

Wow big update haha. Im goin to Glasgow in like a month or so. Im meetin briege :| im really really nervous but i rekon it will be ok. Shes just like...shes gona be so shy :| im so gona have to do all the talkin n stuff lol She got back from florida now shes in ireland for two weeks n shes gone campin for 5 days so i cant talk to her for another 5 days :(

Siannus is snorin hehe i just rescued her from the big evil moth :D i didnt even kill it i picked it up in tissue and threw it out the window :D woohoo im so prood hehe. And now ive got 3 days off work :D PARTY!


Boredom [19 Jul 2004|04:25pm]
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Isnt that wierd how nobodys fool is one of my fave avril songs and my mom always listens to everybody hurts and i tell her to turn it off cus it depresses me? lmao

Its my life [19 Jul 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

:O im ashamed by myself i havnt updated for like...i duno how many days :| meh i just cant be bothered lol.

I went to a party on saturday night ( :| how do u spell saturday...is that right or is it saterday? i think its the first one, it just dont look right lol) It was kates 21st, kates someone who i work with shes cool. It was alright, a bit borin cus no1 wud dance so i got up all on my own and danced on my own to like 3 songs but i think when ppl seen me dancin they thought they would. I hate goin to partys and not dancin, thats what partys are all about..they dont have a dj so u can sit on ur ass all night. I hate it when ppl dont dance. We found out sooo much stuff at the party. Amy told liza my supervisor that she went with Gemma cus sum1 sed if she did it theyd buy them a drink sooo they snogged :| and liza was like...well... she was appauled! lmao really she was like...amy ur a pretty girl why do u need to snog girls lmao twas funny cus amy was so drunk. Hmm what else...OHHHH and this woman we work with who kinda looks like a man was there with her "flatmate" then she confessed to me that it was infact her partner :| but y'know im cool with that it dont bother me :)Ermm liza is with lee Broomes :O :O :O not that any of ya know either of em :| but that was shockin to us lol thats about it methinks....yup thats it.
Nothing interestin happened yesterday...oh my mom and her bf broke up :( And so far today nothing interestin has happened either :| lol Briege got back n text me :D shes ok, she had a gd holiday so thats good. Thats about it.

Too da loo


:D [15 Jul 2004|11:19pm]
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Baby your the right kind of wrong. [15 Jul 2004|02:20pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Today was funnn so far. I got to work and julie was like...ok just a quick meeting....it lasted an hour and omfg it kicked off lmao. Julie was bein all nice n stuff and me and amy were just bein total bitches. She was sayin we have no teamwork anymore n amy was like "oh yeah sarah u fuck off without tellin anyone ur goin EVERYDAY" and then sarah got in trouble and i mentioned about workin 30 hours and only gettin 16 hours holiday pay and then about the way that julie and loreaine give us days we ask for and how they use it against us all the time. pmsl it was hilarious. It propper kicked off, i was screamin at julie and she told me to shut up n then amy was like "dont tell her to shut up" psml omg.Me n liza (other supervisor) were in stitches. She told me last week she was like..." i hate havin meetins when u and amy are in" lol.

Just got in from work and im talkin to kirst :) Ive applied for a new job at the hilton in a wine bar thingy. But its like 50 hours a week but its gooood money :D and if i get it im gona try get kirst a p/t job :D

Ill probly update again later x


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